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Himatix have been commercial software developers since 1981, before the first IBM Personal Computer was released. During that time we have developed commercial solutions for a broad range of industries, but by far the majority of software we have written has been for brick and mortar retail businesses, restaurants and bars.

Clients have ranged from small owner operated businesses up to large multinationals with thousands of sites around the world.

Many of the systems we have developed have been marketed by other companies under their own brand names, and the product we are best known for is SELLmatix Point of Sale which is marketed and supported directly by us and through dealers.

SELLmatix now as its own website, and for more information please read on, or go directly to www.sellmatix.com

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Eight Reasons why SELLmatix is a better POS Solution for you
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SELLmatix POS Software is retail accounting software which replaces cash register terminals at the Point of Sale in retail stores with standard low cost computers. SELLmatix runs on Windows, Ubuntu Linux and Pocket PC. You can use any combination of Windows, Linux and Pocket Pc's on the same site.

SELLmatix Point of Sale Software is designed to work with a wide range of Point of sale hardware, including Touch Screens, Barcode Scanners, Keyboards, Electronic Scales, and POS printers.

You can operate SELLmatix standalone in small stores, or control Point of Sale terminals across the room or across the world via the powerful built in TCP/IP networking capability.

You can use SELLmatix as a Point of Sale front end processor to a range of back office accounting systems and SELLmatix features advanced import/export manipulation to almost any format including spreadsheets such as Excel or OpenOffice.org so that you can perform flexible reporting based on what your business needs.

Key reasons why SELLmatix will fit your requirements better include:-

1) Suitable for a Wide Range of Retail Sites.
2) Everything is Available Online.
3) SELLmatix costs as little as $1 per day with no long term commitment.
4) Fast Efficient Operation
5) Standard Low Cost Equipment
6) Robust & Fail Safe POS Software Design
7) Adaptable and Flexible
8) Start Selling Fast

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Suitable for a wide range of Retail requirements

SELLmatix retail pos software can be run in two different modes, or even a combination of the two.

In regular mode, SELLmatix is a retail pos system suitable for a range of applications including:-

  • convenience stores
  • grocery supermarkets
  • liquor stores
  • giftware
  • drive through sales
  • pharmacy
  • general retail
SELLmatix is very suited to grocery software applications where there are a relatively large number of products, and where processing speed with barcode scanning that requires minimal user input is extremely important. The inbuilt grocery retail inventory system is designed to interface with a range of warehouse applications allowing for regular updates of masterfiles so that prices increases, decreases and product additions and eletions can be handled by a central administration center.

In Restaurant mode, SELLmatix touch screen pos software allows customer orders to be entered along with a location (table) number, and then the order is "processed" or sent to the SELLmatix Control system. Control then prints orders on up to 9 different kitchen and bar printers, and stores the order so that the customer can order additional items which can be entered on any SELLmatix POS or PocketPos terminal, and when these additional orders are processed, Control prints the order in the appropriate location, and adds it to the existing order for that table.

When the customer is ready to pay, their bill can be printed from any POS terminal, and payment can be processed on any of the SELLmatix POS terminals.

This makes SELLmatix Pos restaurant software suitable for:-

  • restaurant pos applications
  • quick service restaurant
  • Pizza Restaurants
  • Fast Food Pos
  • Drive Thru
  • Home Delivery
The features of SELLmatix touch pos software make it suitable for almost any point of sale restaurant, or general retail requirement.

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Everything is available Online

SELLmatix is the first Point of Sale (POS) software where everything is available online.

You can download the software, purchase licenses, access full documentation and obtain help... all online, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 a year.

With SELLmatix:-

  • Forget about playing telephone tag, and sitting in phone queues listening to muzak and messages telling you how important your call is to them.
  • Forget about working your way through support staff on the phone. With most phone support, initial calls are taken by the staff with the least knowledge in an attempt to resolve simple problems cheaply. Even if you know what you are talking about, you have to go through the painful "is the power turned on" and other questions designed for simpletons before you can finally get to someone who knows what they are talking about. With SELLmatix, you are not forced to wade through all this purgatory, you can go directly to what you need over the web.
  • Forget about working with old documentation because you have not received the latest manuals. SELLmatix documentation is updated immediately on the web so that you always have the latest information at the touch of a button.
  • You can forget about the frustration of not having access to internal, confidential documentation that is reserved exclusively for their in house support staff, because the SELLmatix documentation is complete, not just a subset of the documentation which is filtered to prevent you from seeing things that they don't want you to see.
  • If you have a problem, chances are that someone else has had the same problem before, and you can look through the postings on the forum to see how others have resolved the same issue. And if you don't find exactly what you want, you can post a question and receive answers, not only from our technical support people, but also other users around the world.
  • Whether you are a POS Dealer or support organisation providing profession services, or you are implementing your own POS system in house, the ability to reference everything you need online, when you want it, means savings in time, telephone costs and frustration.
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Less than $USD1 per day, with no long term commitment

Other high quality POS software can cost thousands of dollars which you have to pay up front before you are even certain that it will meet your needs.

Add in the cost of upgrades, support contracts and training, and you make a major commitment and incur significant expense long before you ever realize any benefit, and if you finance the software through leasing or hire purchase, then right from the first day, you are paying interest on use of the software that will only occur years in the future...

With SELLmatix, a single POS terminal can be running for less than a dollar a day, and additional POS terminals are less than 50 cents per day. And you don't have to pay years in advance. With SELLmatix, you can pay a month at a time, 6 months at a time, a year at a time, or, if you really want to, you can pay a single permanent license fee. No interest. No commitment. You can stop anytime.

You know that efficient POS software, you will huge savings in your operations. But with SELLmatix, you can pay for the license out of the money you save, not up front while hoping for the best.

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Fast and Efficient Operation

SELLmatix POS is very fast and efficient to operate. Other computer based Point of Sale systems have a cluttered and complicated display designed for office staff. SELLmatix POS shows the Sales Clerks with no computer knowledge what they need to know, and no more. That makes it less comfusing or complicated.

Sales operations with SELLmatix POS are fast. The interface is designed to require the absolute minimum operator input to perform a task and with a single touch or keystroke, SELLmatix operators can do what can take 5-6 keystrokes onother systems. This means faster processing, shorter queues less errors and more happy customers.

This simplicity of operation reduces staff training requirements. New or temporary staff can be trained and operational in only a few minutes. Other systems can require extensive training before staff become productive.

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Standard Low Cost Equipment

SELLmatix does not require special hardware. It can be used on a standard "white box" PC as basic as a Pentium III processor running at 800Mhz using Windows 2000 or later.

Of course, in most cases, other devices such as receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers and pole displays are used. But you are not restricted to a particular model or brand of device. Almost anything that uses a serial (RS-232), parallel or USB interface will work fine.

That means that when you put in SELLmatix, you don't have to upgrade all your equipment at the same time. If you have an old system, there is a very good chance that you can continue using your old barcode scanners, receipt printers, scales etc., and then upgrade these components when they wear out, or cash flow makes the upgrade easier.

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Robust, Fail Safe POS Software Design

Many POS systems are very fragile. In many cases, a single hub or switch failure can bring down all POS machines. Others rely on a server for everything and if that server goes down or needs to be rebooted, all POS terminals have to wait until that server is operational again.

SELLmatix Point of Sale is designed to be robust, redundant and to operate in hostile environments. The entire database is replicated on each POS machine, and if a server goes down, sales operation can continue indefinitely. When the server operation is restored, or network cabling repaired, transactions are updated to the server seamlessly without intervention at the Point of Sale. POS operators don't even know a problem has occurred in many cases.

We wrote all the SELLmatix software and don't use any third party software components or databases. That means that we don't depend on others for fixes and don't have to pay license fees to others vendors which often adds to the cost quite substantially.

Our code has been refined, enhanced and proven over more than 20 years, and deployed in more than 17 countries. The code is stable, solid and extremely fast compared to other "fatware" systems using databases which are notoriously easy to corrupt and can take hours to recover.

Where equipment fails, other terminals can be swapped in and configured within minutes without affecting other parts of the system that are still running. Compare that to other systems where a single failure can bring down everything.

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Adaptable and Flexible

There are literally millions of different ways that SELLmatix can be configured. In most cases the configuration is simple. All the usual POS devices can be used, including scales, scanners cash drawers, printers etc. In restaurant point of sale systems, waiters can even use Pocket PC to enter orders through a WiFi connection. But if you have an unusual device which other software can't use, you can probably have it work with SELLmatix using the built in low level device control, even for devices we have never seen or heard of.

You can have an unlimited number of display screens for touch terminals, configured any way that you want. Other systems have a limited number of display screens and impose restrictions on the way those screens are laid out. With SELLmatix, use as many display screens as you want, have any number of buttons on the screen, and have any button perfrom any function.

SELLmatix can import and export data to other systems in almost any format. Custom templates can be created so that tasks performed regularly can be automated. Many other POS systems have a closed architecture that restricts the way that they interact with other systems.

SELLmatix is so adaptable and flexible that you can virtually have a custom POS system without custom programming. Yet in most cases it is simpler and easier to set up and run than any powerful POS system.

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Start Selling Fast

SELLmatix is perhaps the fastest and simplest Point of Sale system to implement and get running. With most POS systems, before sales can be processed, it is necessary to have the entire inventory file entered and updated, because items which have not been entered as products cannot be sold. This can involve a significant amount of work, and for retailers which sell a large range of stock that do not have products on file already, this can sometimes take months of work.

SELLmatix does not require the entire stock file to be entered before sales are processed. In smaller stores without a stock file, SELLmatix can be running and processing sales in as little as 30 minutes after the equipment has been installed.

The way that SELLmatix handles this, is by using a single "catch all" product within each department group, which can be used to sell products by department when the checkout is busy. This works in the same way as old fashioned cash registers which sell by department.

When the checkout lanes are less busy, and more time is available, items which are scanned by the barcode scanner but which are not on file, can be have basic information entered as they are sold. Typical information entered in this manner would include the item description, selling price and department. The SELLmatix "Add on the Fly" system means that once the basic information is entered, the items can then be sold simply by having the barcode scanned, and this allows the store to gradually ease into the implementation of SELLmatix Point of Sale rather than the "all or nothing" approach demanded by other systems.

Similarly inventory control can be implemented in a gradual manner instead of bringing things to a halt while the new procedures are put in place. In this way, the benefits of SELLmatix can begin to be realized from day one, instead of after several months of painful transition.

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